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Welcome all Knight Industry 2000 fans to the Knight Rider Tribute Site on the 1982-86 Universal City Studio TV series

A Site To All You Fans Who Have Enjoyed 80's Television Like This Show!!!!

Welcome everyone to this unofficial tribute site of the 1982-86 NBC-TV series created by Glen A. Larson as it's supposedly one of his most successful TV shows done at Universal City Studio's which aired every Friday night at 9pm.
The show was one of the highest grossing prime time TV series of the 80's as it was well like along with other shows druring that era like
Airwolf, Miami Vice and Magnum P.I.
However, when the fourth season aired they designed KITT into a different type of powerful vehicle when the emergency arises and had different types of plots as the series was nearly taken in a different direction which the fans didn't appeal to and then the series was cancelled after the spring of 1986.
There was a TV movie reunion in 1991 titled
Knight Rider 2000 which most of the cast members inclduing David Hasselhoff who was doing the series Baywatch at the time returned to their roles but KITT was rebuilt into a red turbo car as his parts were scrapped which was another disappointment.
Three years later another reunion arised with a full new cast titled
Knight Rider 2004 and then in 1997 a futuristic TV series also arised known as Team Knight Rider as KITT's device was used in four different vehicles which aired before prime time hours on Saturday's. The series was a complete flop and never made it to another season.
Check out the pages and some of the reviews were written by other critics but after all this site is for anyone who wants to know about the series. Enjoy

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